• Are your staff frustrated because they don't have the tools, techniques or expertise to help their clients fully resolve their trauma?

  • Do you struggle with only being able to offer support and advice on how to manage and control symptoms, not eliminate them?

  • Do you sometimes feel helpless, and that you are failing your staff and your clients?

  • Are your staff suffering from stress and burnout and you want to do more to help?

  • Are you fed up with having to refer clients for psychological support, knowing it will be months before your clients are seen, and even then wont completely resolve the trauma?

  • Do you worry about having enough funding to support your clients, and feel guilty because you can’t do more?

We help innovative, forward-thinking leaders within the victim support industry

to significantly improve client well-being, staff productivity and reduce the need to outsource to other agencies, freeing much-needed funds and resources by training staff in trauma resolution.

It’s not just about helping victims, it's also about making a massive difference to organisations such as yours.

Help victims, help your staff, AND help your organization.


    Learn a better, more effective way of helping those suffering from trauma.


    Have the know-how and expertise within your own teams to help victims fully resolve their trauma and move on with their lives.


    Reduce the need for outsourcing to a 3rd party, making the money you save go further and help more people.


    Support your own teams better. Reduce staff stress and burnout, improve staff turnover and job satisfaction.


    Reduce the amount of time your staff work with each client, whilst leaving the client feeling empowered and with greater resilience.


    Training your staff in this groundbreaking method will demonstrate that you are a leading, innovative and forward thinking organisation, offering a ‘gold standard’ service to your clients.

Investing in trauma training with Bounce will give your team an invaluable new skill that will help them do their job more effectively.

Add that to the sense of satisfaction they’ll get when they positively contribute to someone’s happiness.

Above all, they  will be helping people to help themselves. Empowering them to embrace life with fresh eyes.

Trauma Resolution is not a therapy where you interpret or offer advice. 

It is not counselling where you’re telling them how to live their life.

We do not prescribe medication or attempt to mask their symptoms.

With our strict communication protocol and rules, your staff  will be helping clients integrate their experiences in a way that they wont be bothered by them, ever again.

The Bounce Trauma Resolution technique is simple, yet the course is intensive. 

We offer a range of options for different needs:

  • Standalone online courses without certification.

  • Online course packages that include certification, technical support and valid CPD points.

  • Bounce Academy membership with ongoing trauma training and education.